Apoquel For Dogs: The Solution for Dog Allergies

Product Description of Apoquel for dogs

Apoquel for dogs is available in pet shops for relieving itchy dogs. The product comes with a claim of being; “fast-acting and safe,” and can be used as a safe treatment for the control of acute and chronic pruritus in canines. Apoquel is used as an allergen reliever so it can come handy if kept somewhere in the house.

Ingredients of Apoquel for dogs

Also known as the oclacitinib tablet, Apoquel’s main ingredient is oclacitinib maleate, a synthetic Januse kinase inhibitor that works to combat atopic dermatitis.

Who needs Apoquel for dogs

Anyone who has a canine at home needs Apoquel. Just like in humans, allergies can strike at any time from food or surroundings. Keeping a pack of Apoquel tablets is a solution for dog owners. With dogs that are experiencing high itchiness, the veterinarian can prescribe this drug for relief of allergies.

Uses of Apoquel for dogs

The primary use of Apoquel for dogs is to control mild and severe pruritus in dogs. This tablet works by specifically targeting the cytokines responsible for inflammation and itch associated with allergic skin conditions.

How to use Apoquel for Maximum Results

Once ingested, the drug will take some time to get to work. The following are benefits that come with using Apoquel;

-Kicks in within 4 hours of taking the drug and can control itch for 24 hours before needing another dose.

This drug can be given to the dog with breakfast at the start of the day.-Is safe to use in the long run There are also no contraindications when used for short periods.

-Can be used in collaboration with other medications, as long as there is clearance from the Vet.

-Manufactured to target specific hormones that are responsible for itch and reduce itchiness without affecting the immune and nervous systems.

Apoquel for dogs

Where to Buy this Pet Allergy

Alongside physical pharmacies, this drug can be purchased in several online pet stores and medical outlets. The most common include; Vet-Medic, 1-800-PetMeds, Allivet, Pet Drugs Online Store and Pet Supplies 4 Less.

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On average, a 3.6mg Single tablet is $2.19; 5.4 mg single tablet $2.19 and a 16 mg single tablet is $2.49. Alternatively, you can just buy a 20 tablet pack of 3.6 mg for $50.


Apoquel for dogs should not be used on canines less than a year old. If your dog is already experiencing severe infections, then you might want to visit the Vet instead and not use Apoquel on it.

Infected dogs stand a risk of worsening pre-existing cancers or development of parasitic skin infections. When used on lactating, pregnant or infected dogs, Apoquel can cause serious adverse reactions.

Another matter to watch out for, if your pet is already using corticosteroids and cyclosporine, talk to the veterinarian before using Apoquel.

Additionally, if your dog is already being treated for something else and using medication, then consulting with a veterinarian will help you know what to do.


Until recently, pet lovers have always expressed gratitude for Apoquel. However, there have been some reports that the side effects tend to be more than the benefits.

Please note that Apoquel may be used accompanying dog therapies including vaccines, NSAIDS, allergen immunotherapy and antibiotics.